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Segment system A.A.R. plast :: A.A.R. plast s.r.o. - composite components


The laminates (composites, glass reinforced plastics) feature distinguishing characteristics, which make these materials fully suitable for production of products and structures used under harsh conditions of industrial processes, e.g. the above mentioned sewage treatment plants, etc. The basic characteristics of the laminate/GRP covers are as follows:

  • Outstanding mechanical and strength characteristics
  • Resistance to aggressive matters and environment
  • Total corrosion resistance
  • Excellent thermal insulating properties
  • Maintenance-free attendanceC
  • Low weight of laminate/GRP covers makes their transportation easier and enables fast and easy installation and removal
  • If repair of indoor equipment is necessary, the necessary part of roofing can be easily removed
  • The GRP structures has been proven by a long-term operation (at least 35 years), they are stable and reliable



Reference of Segment system A.A.R. plast


The A.A.R. plast Segment System was developed especially for roofing of waste-water treatment plants. The segments are designed as self-supporting composite structures designated for roofing or covering of treating tanks, sludge thickening and storing tanks, reservoirs, cesspools etc. Composition of the composite components is always designed to ensure maximum resistance against corrosion, UV radiation and aggressive environment of WWTP.

Segment System for waste-water treatment plant roofing

  • Environment protection against harmful aerosols
  • Reduction of plant noisiness
  • Protection against stinking odor from tanks
  • Protection of waste-water treatment plants against weather effects
  • Outstanding reduction of heat loss, which increases cleaning effectiveness
  • Increase of temperature enables to decrease volumes of aeration tanks
  • The covering extends ability of sewage treatment plants to nitrify and denitrify, in most cases for the whole year
  • Other reasons - safety, esthetic, prevention of fog and icing creation in cold weather
  • Approximation with EU standards, etc.

What we can cover

We are able to cover cleaning reservoirs, tanks and parts of industrial plants. This especially involves such tanks, in which aerosols are created (worm pump stations, aerated sand traps, flotation tanks, aeration tanks). To eliminate undesirable bad smells, noise, etc. also sludge thickening and storage tanks, reservoirs, sump tanks, compensating reservoirs, dripping tanks, storage silos, etc. are covered. The tanks to be covered may have various shapes and dimensions. We can cover both circular as well as rectangular tanks.

How we cover

To cover the waste water treatment plants we use the so-called AAR plast segment system. The segments are made of laminate structure, which is designed as a superstructure of cleaning tanks, tanks and parts of industrial plants. These structures, even with a long span, are self-supporting.

  • The segments may be designed as flat or rounded. The rounded segments can be either single-pan or multi-pan.
  • Each GRP segment is covered with protective layers from both sides providing total corrosion resistance.
  • The segments may be produced in any color of the RAL color range.
  • Surface water is drained from the elements either to the tank outer edge or to a reservoir or a pump sump - always as required by the given project.
  • The whole covering with all details is thoroughly sealed with resistible elastic sealing strips.
  • All covering structures are individually provided with all necessary additional accessories. These usually contain doors, windows, inspection holes, flanges, ventilating and bleeding equipment, cable ducts, etc.
  • Our covering structures are always tailored to customer’s requirements and tailor-made for each construction.
Segment system A.A.R. plast
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