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Plastcoat insulation system :: A.A.R. plast s.r.o. - composite components


  • Compact and chemically resistant surface
  • Warranty up to 5 years
  • Partially repairs also concrete surface
  • Complete adaptation to each detail of tanks
  • It resists even to concentrated chemicals from industrial operations
  • Its properties are proven by many uses in the field of WWTP, chemical operations and electroplating bathrooms



Reference of Plastcoat insulation system


The PLASTCOAT insulation and improvement system was developed by A.A.R. plast specifically for the aggressive environment of WWTP, and in those cases, where standard technologies failed. PLASTCOAT – progressive insulation system of a new generation. It is compact and chemically resistive surface, which resists even to concentrated chemicals from industrial operations.

Main use

It is used to insulate steel and concrete tanks. It is possible to insulate new tanks as well as to repair the old ones.

The steel tanks are repaired by grinding the corroded surface off, surface degreasing and applying the final PLASTCOAT layer.

On concrete tanks the concrete surface is repaired. Equipment, which cannot be removed, is covered and the tank is decreased. Loosened and cracked parts of concrete will be removed. The whole tank will be penetrated and repaired with special outdoor repair mixture, which is designated specially for repairs of concrete surfaces and cracks, and which protects steel reinforcements against corrosion. PLASTCOAT is the final layer.


Layer No. Name Layer thickness in mm
1. Primer - priming coat 0.2 mm
2. Structural layer 1.4 mm
3. Barrier layer 0.3 mm
4. Final liner - Gelcoat 0.3 mm
  Total PLASTCOAT Insulation thickness 2.2 mm

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