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Pipelines, structures and grids :: A.A.R. plast s.r.o. - composite components


  • Resistance against corrosion
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics
  • High thermal resistance
  • Good isothermal properties
  • Low weight
  • Easy handling and installation


The AAR grids consist of 65% of polyester resin and 35% of fiberglass. This composition ensures complete resistance against corrosion and almost unlimited service life. The grids require neither coats nor other surface finishes for the whole service period.

The grid material resists to the most of chemically aggressive liquids. On the top side the grid is provided with special antislip finish. Our offer contains 3 basic grid types according to the type of resin used - orthophtalic resin, isophtalic resin and vinyl-ester resin. Standard isophtalic grids excellently resist to chemical load and other external effects. In case of increased chemical load we recommend using the orthophtalic resin grids and vinyl-ester grids under the extreme load.



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Composite Pipeline Systems

Composite pipeline systems have been created on the basis of long-term experience in the industry. We solely use certified materials from proven suppliers. The composite pipeline systems are resistible against corrosion; they have excellent mechanical and isothermal characteristics. They feature with low weight, easy handling and installation. Their use is irreplaceable in chemical operations.

The biggest advantage of the composite pipeline systems is their high chemical resistance. This parameter predetermine the AAR composite pipeline systems to be used under the most complicated operating conditions, such as the following:

  • Waste water and sewerage water networks
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Power plants and heating plants

Composite Structures and Grids

AAR composite structures and grids are delivered in standardized dimensions. They are mainly used for floors, walking surfaces of ramps and platforms, stairway elements, handling platforms in power engineering, in chemical and food processing industries. However, this is only a selection of the most often used applications. The most decisive is always the invention of a designer, an investor or a supplier.

Composite Grids

Composite grids are parts of walking systems in both the industrial applications as well as commercial use, e.g. in public transport. Within the industry, their unique properties are used in aggressive environment. Their most usual usage in the Czech Republic in water management WWTP and in water collectors, in chemical industry, power engineering, mechanical engineering, food processing industry as well as in other industries.

The AAR grids are made either by mould casting technology or by pultrusion (drawing process). Cast grids in the form of grating are made of polyester resin reinforced with straight glass roving. Drawn grids consist of pultrusion profiles. Bearing profiles, provided with antislip layer, are connected together with bars and mechanically ensured against displacement. Also, all joins are bonded.

Composite Ladders

We deliver the composite ladders (with safety cages) for all industries. They are most often used in the chemical industry, water management and power engineering. They successfully replace classical aluminum or steel ladders, especially in strongly aggressive environment. As the material is hygienically not defective, the ladders can be installed even into the drinking water tanks.

The matrix (binding agent) is made either of isophtalic polyester as a standard, or of the vinyl-ester or epoxy resin for special applications. The reinforcement is made of fiberglass in the form of straight rovings and planar mats. Just beneath the profile surface there is polyester veil, which prevents material from degradation due to effects of UV radiation and chemicals. UV inhibitor and flame (fire) retardant (up to the A-grade) are used as additives. Standard color is gray or yellow. On customer’s request (after consultation with the producer) any color is virtually possible according to the RAL sample book. (Only gray colored ladders are suitable for the drinking water tanks.) Mountings for anchoring to the walls are made of stainless steel.

Composite structures

Štěřiny - jsou ze čtvercové trubky 50x50 mm o tloušťce stěny 5 mm. V horní části jsou ukončeny záslepkou nebo mohou pokračovat rozšířeným výlezem s napojením na navazující madlo zábradlí.

Bars – are provided with a layer of silica sand, which is cast to the epoxy resin. This way ensures complete anti-slipping finish even in the environment with mud or muculent film. The anti-slipping feature has been proven in practice over a long term in water industry and in sewer spaces with very good results.

Safety cage – is either whole made of the composite material or in combination with composite connecting strips with stainless steel bows.

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