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Significant architectonic project

Significant architectonic project of roofing the entrance to the shopping center OD ŠESTKA Praha Ruzyně – one year of trouble-free operation have passed.

New A.A.R. plast website

We launched a new A.A.R. plast website.




Foreword And Company Introduction

The A.A.R. plast s. r. o. company has been in business in the field of production and sale of composites (laminates, glass-reinforced plastics) since 1999. During the time of is existence the company successfully completed a wide range of industrial projects within the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Main philosophy of A.A.R. plast s.r.o is to offer our customers with comprehensive supplies of composite elements for complex industrial applications.

Visions of A.A.R. plast s.r.o.:

“We always have the right PLASTIC IDEA, which will completely satisfy requirements of our customers in the area of technical plastics. When producing each product we do our best to optimize the costs and to minimize impacts of our activities on the environment.“

On the basis of long-term experience with unique properties of the composites (long time service life and easy maintenance) we will always design an individual solution with maximum accent to the client’s needs.

Tell us your requirements and we will prepare the easiest solution for you including suggestion of technology, structure, production, transport and installation in the place of delivery.

Products of A.A.R. plast

  • GRP covers for WWTP
  • Roofing systems – Atypically shaped roofs, roofing on sports fields and stadiums, casing of towers, observation towers and transmitters
  • Redevelopments and insulations of reservoirs, tanks and water towers
  • GRP cisterns, containers, reservoirs, tanks
  • Septic tanks, cesspools, reservoirs, wells
  • Composite structures, grids
  • Pipeline systems
  • Moulds for concrete, mould for foundry industry
  • Thermal and noise insulations, noise barriers

Usage of products made by A.A.R. plast

Sale of plastic composites is orientated mostly on waste-water treatment plants, water management companies and companies operating in building, chemical and petrochemical industries, automotive and food processing industries.

Why to choose A.A.R. plast

  • Our company offers comprehensive, practical and detailed management of each project from planning, design documents, product design to installation on the construction site.
  • We approach each project individually
  • We use approved and reliable technologies proven by long-term experience
  • We completed a wide range of successful projects in the field of waste-water treatment plants covering inland as well as abroad
  • We are in this business since 1999
  • We are a leader in this business with businesslike and flexible approach

What the composites and laminates are?

Composites are stable and solid materials consisting of two or more components, which are combined in such way to provide the user with specific required properties. The first component is a matrix (resin) determining shape of the appropriate piece. The second component is reinforcement (glass, aramide, carbon, Kevlar etc.) providing the strength. Thanks to properties of the composite materials the extent of their usage is almost unlimited.

What the glass-reinforced plastics are?

The glass-reinforced composite materials (usually abbreviated to GRP or FRP) are plastic materials reinforced with glass. The glass reinforcement is used in the form of fiber, fabric, mat, roving, etc.

The glass-reinforced plastics combine low weight with high strength. They are characterized by dimensional stability, chemical resistance, high electric resistance and long service life. They do nor corrode and they are resistible against heat, cold, moisture and material fatigue.

Material properties of the composite products

  • High strength – Their strength in the main direction is comparable with steel. The composites were successfully applied as bearing structures of various types (ascendable, roofing, supporting).
  • Low weight – They weigh by 80% less than steel and by 30% less than aluminum. Composite structures can be easily transported to any construction site even in inaccessible areas. They are easy to handle even without heavy-duty equipment. It is even possible to assemble modules of the final structure partially out of the construction site and transport them to the site in assemblies, which distinctively affects speed of construction.
  • Corrosion resistance – The composites do nor corrode and they are resistant to a wide range of chemicals from hydrocarbons to strong acids. Corrosion resistance makes composites the most suitable material for applications in the chemical industry, in water-treatment plants and in waste-water treatment plants.
  • Non-conductance – As an excellent electric insulation the composites have very low temperature conductivity. I standard the surface resistance is on a level, which does not comply with regulations in underground mines but the resistance can be increased by adding a special additive to allow the composites to be used in the underground mines.
  • Electromagnetic transparency – It is transparent for electromagnetic waves in the wide range of radio frequencies, microwave frequencies, etc.
  • Dimensional stability - Thermal expansion coefficient of the profiles is lower than for the steel and far much lower than for the aluminum.
  • Flammability - C1 grade as a standard, optionally B or A grade.
  • Long service life.
  • No maintenance or repairs required.
  • Reasonable structure flexibility.
  • Very easy installation and removal.
  • Surface finish treatment is necessary in all those places with moisture or with risk of oil or other viscous liquid spillage.
  • Integrated antiskid surface ensures safe and comfortable walking.
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